Friday, February 20, 2015

Jesus Take the Wheel

Here's an article about proposed legislation in Mississippi that will allow church bus drivers in the state to not be required to have a commercial drivers license.

Its author says it is to allow small churches, where maybe no one has a CDL, to still use the larger transport vehicles.

My questions:
1) Just because a small church might not have a member with a CDL, couldn't someone go and get one? 
2) I wonder what insurance companies will say about this?

It would be like someone saying, "just because I'm a single parent working 2 jobs, I'm going to let my 8 year old drive and pick up their younger sibling from day care while I'm at work.

I have a CDL from work in a church with one of these large buses. It took hours of study and practice to pass the written and driving tests. I learned there are many laws (in my state at least) about the responsibilities of a high capacity transport vehicle (over 15 passengers) that I would have known about except for the licensing requirement.

Will drivers of church buses also be exempt from following any applicable traffic laws, like possibly stopping at train tracks?

Not having to pay sales tax as a non-profit is a pretty sweet perk for churches. I don't see how this proposed law makes sense.