Monday, December 15, 2014

Unfulfilled Promise

Somewhere between "ambition" and "arrogance", I forgot that I had intended to post much more frequently. Well that hasn't happened. Lots going on. Preoccupied with teh internets. Christmas. Sorry.

In other news, I just spent a bunch of money on my health insurance. I enrolled for coverage for me and my 2 kids through the healthcare marketplace. And I GUESS it saves me money. Except that it's not. It's like buying a couch on discount - they tell you that you've saved money even though you've just dropped several hundred on a couch you were told you needed because they were taking away your old couch that worked just fine.

Case in point: my current health insurance plan (which expires Dec. 31st) costs about $360/month. BCBS is canceling that plan.

Thanks jerks.

I can enroll in a new plan through BCBS that is comparable to my soon to be extinct plan, and the cost of that new plan is over $600/month. I can enroll in that same shiny new plan via the healthcare marketplace...

*saves the day?*

...for just over $425/month. See what they did there? I've got mad savings! But not really because my current plan is just right and it's not broken - so stop trying to fix it. So I'm paying $65 more a month for a new insurance plan that I didn't need.

My family makes too much to qualify for any subsidies or rebates. So yay 2nd job to cover my health insurance!

I get what the Affordable Care Act is trying to do, and I do believe that in a society that we should all look after one another's well being. I believe that basic healthcare is a human right. But today I don't believe that the only way to get it done is to make it so the insurance companies can squeeze consumers tighter for that last dime.

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