Friday, November 21, 2014

Advent Blogging

After a lengthy break from posting, we here at the 'Bytes are gearing up for an active holiday season. We'll post pictures from our events and decorations, and we'll share some "explainer" posts that help understand things like Advent and the liturgical year.

We're planning several posts during the Christian season of Advent, and will offer reflections on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. We hope you get as excited about this as we already are - it's a time of year that we can't get enough of!

To get started, here's a few reflections anticipating the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend:

While Giving Tuesday (Dec. 2nd) isn't specifically tied into Thanksgiving directly, it does fall within the post-Thanksgiving consumerist appeal. The important thing to notice is the scheduling. The major shopping day of Black Friday and the huge discounts of Cyber Monday are book-ended by two days of gratitude and sharing. We're conditioned these days to quickly chow down on the turkey and dressing then rush out the door to stand in line at Best Buy in hopes of getting a deal on a TV. It says a lot about our willingness to appreciate the holiday when we're preoccupied by ads and incentives for showing up at the big box store on Thanksgiving night.

So maybe Giving Tuesday is a way beyond the short-lived pressure and anxiety of the shopping frenzy. Maybe Giving Tuesday gets us back to the genesis of Thanksgiving - that we are indeed thankful for what others have done, and we're moved to give in support of that work.

I hope to participate in Giving Tuesday, and plan to donate to Heifer International . I trust that you'll find some meaning in Giving Tuesday as well.