Friday, July 20, 2012


Stick with my while I unpack a complex post.

If you saw the movie Inception, then you already have an idea of where this is going. In the movie, Leo DiCaprio enters peoples dreams via some kinda wacky voodoo or something. Anyway, once in your dream, he makes your dream self fall asleep so that there's a dream within a dream. This happens a few more times until Leo (Cobb in the film), is deep enough into your subconscious that he can plant an idea in your brain and upon your waking, you think it's your idea.

Inception is therefore, a...  "dream...within a dream" ... try not to think about this guy:

Okay, now that's over with - on to the point. 
      You have a point?
Yes I do. The church I serve is going through a transition. The Sr. Minister of 25 years retired earlier this year, and as part of the interim period, a Transitional Minister was called to serve 6 months, to help prepare the congregation to call an Interim Minister for 12 months before interviewing and calling an Installed Minister.

The Transitional Minister was to work through mid-August. The congregation interviewed and called a Interim Minister, who was set to begin his ministry on Aug 19th. However, 2 days ago I was called by the Board Chair to inform me that the Transitional Minister (the first guy) had terminated his contract early for personal reasons.

This left the congregation with roughly 1 month before the new Interim Minister was to begin.
I thought you had a point?
I'm getting to it, and trust me this build up won't be worth it. Basically, I and the Minister of Visitation of the congregation are splitting Sr. Minister duties for the next month. I'm overseeing administrative, day to day operations of the church, and she is handling all the pastoral care and emergency visitation. In reality, the church has already been through 2 leaves of ministry, the retired minister and the ill-of-health transitional minister. In 1 month there will be another transition of sorts, from the split ministry of Julie and myself to the Interim ministry. Then after that period there will be the transition to the new installed minister, whoever s/he is.

It's a transition within a transition, within a transition, within a transition. It's Inception Church.

My job has become all about trying to keep the wheels from falling off. I'll post my upcoming sermon on Sunday.