Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pentecost Sermon

Below is the text of my Pentecost Sunday sermon. Contextual notes: the church I serve is a Disciples of Christ congregation, and is in ministerial transition, after a 25-year Sr. Pastorate.

Just Breathe

Maybe you’ve seen those little mints wrapped in bible verses. They’re called Testamints or Commandmints. I saw some at a bookstore a couple of weeks ago. Little packages of mints, sugar free gum, and after dinner mints – all with helpful reminders from scripture. The point is obviously to freshen breath – but maybe there’s something more to it than just having a minty fresh mouth.
Pentecost is the 50th day after Passover, and for Christians, marks the recognized “birth” of the church. In the early first century, Pentecost was a festival remembering the gift of the Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Hebrew bible, also called the Torah. So in many ways, Pentecost Sunday is kind of like a breath mint for the church. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The "Wild Thing" in Me

Today it was announced that Maurice Sendak, author of famous children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" had died.

It is no secret that Sendak explored the darker side of childhood, which in the case of "Wild Things" was a subtle journey into the creative, imaginative, dream-like adventure of a mischievous boy named Max.

And it is Max's imagination that leads him into the wilderness, where he tamed wild things and became the most "wild thing of all." But despite being made king, and hosting a wild rumpus, Max longed to be in a place where he knew he was loved.
Max does what we all should do; take a break and reflect on our priorities. For me this is a Lenten theme, where Jesus of Nazareth went to the wilderness and reflected on his priorities and future experiences.

There's a Max in me that wants to retreat to where the wild things are, and spend some time being the king, and work on taming the wildness by looking it in the eye. But another part of me always longs to be home where I know I am loved and where the food is always hot.
* Images by Maurice Sendak.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garden 2012 update

Loads and loads of things have been happening 'round here. And by loads I of course mean compost. 4 cubic yards to be exact. That meant we had to build more gardens and find stuff to put in em.
So there's 1 of 2 additional raised beds. We put in potatoes, beans, spinach, garlic, peppers, and strawberries. Everything is up except the berries. Not holding out hope.
Last year we put in 2 grape vines. This year they need something to climb on other than the bunny fence and other plants:
Dad and I built a long row bed against the side fence for pumpkins. We're gonna have to sell em or something!
Bunnies ate our carrots last year. This year it's the potato plants. Had to put up more fence. He thinks he's cute hiding under the slide. I'll just plant some greens over there for him to chow on. I want to keep him around, the kids like to watch him hop. Plus he eats dandelions.

Once we start getting blooms I'll post more pics.