Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Final Garden Update: 2011

Here's a couple of shots of the last harvest of the garden for this year. A big cold front came through this afternoon knocking 20 degrees off the high of 67. And tomorrow there is expected to be a hard freeze, so whatever was out there is coming in.

The regular taters coulda stayed out longer I realize, but I'm done working the garden for this year. See ya in March with 2 more raised beds!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Play set #2

Early this fall a neighbor was admiring the swingset/playhouse that my dad and I built for my kids this Spring.

A few weeks later a big wind storm rolled through town. In its wake we're many roofs damaged and a few backyard playsets knocked over. My neighbors fence and playset were destroyed. She asked if I would build her daughter a new one and I agreed.

The following photo-essay describes the process.

That's it about 99.7% finished. It was fun building it, but it took a long time in my opinion. I'm not quite ready to go into business.