Thursday, February 24, 2011

'Round and 'Round

Good Boy Glenn is at it again.

This time trying to make connections between Google employees, grassroots political movements, rich dudes and left leaning political organizations, Glenn Beck accuses Google of getting involved in overthrowing governments:

Now, I'm all for a good knock on Google (they do own the universe, you know) and yes I'm using it right now as I type this blog. But... c'mon Glenn, don'tcha have anybody else to play "Pin The Tail on the Donkey" with than a bunch of hipster codies, George Soros and Van Jones? I mean, the Trickle Up idea actually sounds like a great model, and that Google gave 145 MILLION dollars to non-profits and educational institutions doesn't seem to be that bad. Because, if it were REALLY bad, like say giving money to known hate groups, then Beck would have identified what those nasty non-profits and educational institutions really were. 

Let's play Glenn's game for a minute. Take another media giant - not a big as google, but still largely impacting on American culture: say, Fox News. Now, Fox News is an arm of Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp. Recently NewsCorp donated loads of cash to the Republican Governors Association. The RGA was recently under the leadership of Haley Barbour, who is on the record for standing up for the White Citizens Council, a known White Supremacist Group. done. Fox News is racist. See how easy that is? It's like "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon", everybody knows somebody who did something with that one guy...

If Google, through charitable donations to agencies that assist developing countries, is actually the puppet master behind the recent political uprisings against cruel dictators and ruthless regimes, then Glenn Beck, by extension of his own logic, is (quite happily) under the employ and taking ques from America's Most Trusted News Organization Racist Organization.

The only truly nefarious activity going on is Glenn Beck's continued attack on the free thinking, compassionate, analytic mind.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

21 Mile Difference

There are about 21 miles between where we currently live and our old house. And with any move, there are certain trade-offs. For instance, instead of being awaken by the sound of thunderous military jets taking off, I wake up to the melodious tune of the 5:45 a.m. freight train.

Or perhaps instead of 2 little yappy dogs next door I get to listen to 3 yappy dogs next door and 2 behind me. Better yet, on warm days when the breeze is out of the south, instead of the air smelling like jet exhaust it smells of the sweet aroma of the dog food factory (some days I think it smells like Chicken McNuggets. Then I get sick in my mouth a little bit).

Or instead of waking up to the sound of emergency vehicle sirens racing down the street, I wake up to the sound of emergency vehicle sirens racing down the street. Oh wait, yeah that's the same.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I can cook!

My wife beat me to it. Here's her post about the dinner I cooked.

Do steal the recipe and improve on it. Don't blame me if you get sick.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow-maggedon 2: February's Fury!

We're once again hunkered down in our secure survival bunker, or as my son calls it, "our house". With the return of winter precip blanketing most of the state for the second time in a week, some in the media are calling the 46th state "Snowklahoma". I think that's better than the usual "Jokelahoma".

But because I'm totally burned out on all things snow, you don't get pictures of it at my house. Instead you get this:

"God, Guns and Gravy": AKA Church Wuss Part 4

From the Bad Idea department:

"God, Guns and Gravy" is an upcoming was a men's breakfast at a local church. The guest speaker for the event is OK State Senator LTC Steve Russell.

From the Central OK Baptist website:
     "Lt Col Russell commanded the unit that served as a central player in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein. Come and hear his compelling story and join others in viewing his military gun collection.  Various other gun collections will be featured as well.  Bring your gun or your entire gun or knife collection for a great time of "show and tell" fellowship and enjoy some biscuits and gravy while you're at it."
For starters, the church hosting the event is 3 miles down the road from the church I serve. And that Saturday morning, in a parallel event to the baptist gun show, my church hosted our annual Church Cabinet Planning Retreat. I thought we should have canceled the cabinet meeting and crashed the gun show and ate their biscuits. Actually I'd like to rename our planning retreat to the "FCC Annual Gun Cabinet Planning to not Retreat and Instead Reload" event.

On a serious note, how is this event received in light of the recent shooting in Tuscon? And while a large segment of our population is calling for added gun regulations, an equally large - if not larger (and more influential) group is calling for a more relaxed approach to gun controls.

[UPDATE: Oklahoma State University is currently debating the merits of making the Stillwater, OK campus a "concealed carry" campus. The thinking is that if students or teachers are armed, then the risk of a Virginia Tech style event are decreased.]

 I'm all for the right to bear arms (if that is your thing) and for the country to maintain a well regulated militia - after all these provisions are constitutional. But I continue to ask the question, especially in light of the local gravy-train, gun show and GodFest - why the need to bring the Church and guns together?

If Christians really want to follow the Prince of Peace, then shouldn't this kind of event be sacrilegious, scandalous, blasphemous and over all offensive? 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Watch out internet, my wife is a bloggin'. Catch up on my better half and all the insights she provides, as well as get the real story on all the lies I tell you.

So go. Be her friend and follower.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Strike Back!

Snow-mageddon has turned Hoth-tastic. I didn't think it would come to this. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Snow-mageddon 2011

Deep within a secure survival bunker, your intrepid blog-master rides out the storm.

We're deep into "Snow-mageddon: 2011", and while I'd like to inform you about this gem right here, I won't. Instead I want to direct your attention to exhibit a:

The world is shut down, school is closed until July, or at least until likely Friday as the daytime temps are only supposed to reach 10 or 12 Wednesday and Thursday.

In just a matter of 18 hours, mother nature has provided us with a nice thick blanket of snow, upwards of 10 inches in parts of Edmond. We have about 8" at our house, with a few drifts up to 30"!!

We got up at 6 a.m. with a dog who really needed to have some backyard time, only to find the back door frozen shut. Solution: Blow Dryer.

As the day went on, we stayed in and played games. Finally Elizabeth and Noah made it out side and harvested some snow for ice cream! 

Maybe we will dig out by Noah's birthday.