Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nuts and bolts

Not to be outdone by my brother in laws excellent post about stubborn fasteners, here's my entry- I give you "locked up toilet tank bolt" versus Dremmel.

Cuttin' down the tree

So we're taking out the 25 ft. Bradford Pear that makes a huge mess in the yard and on the cars. I wish I could express my complete and utter disdain for these trees- they are soft and disease prone. Sure they have a nice spring flower and pretty fall leaves, but that's just a ruse. Timber!!

We didn't get it all down, that'll be another post. But as it stands we're making progress. Check the pile of branches accumulating in the back yard!!

Either we'll burn the chiminea 24/7 for the next year, or cut it all up in small pieces and put it in the garbage dumpster for the next year, or pray for an ice storm to wipe out more trees and hope that the city comes to pick it all up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Today started off in the normal manner: we gor up and had breakfast, the dog went out for her "morning rounds". But then the phones started ringing. Apparently There was something of a hostage situation a half block from Del Crest Middle School- ya know, where Elizabeth works. Since I'm typing this on my phone I'll keep it brief. They caught the dude and no one got hurt. Here are some pics from the scene:

This, after a murder/suicide on Monday, less than 3 BLOCKS from our old house. Yeah, glad we moved!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lady Falcons Home Opener Shows Promise

Editors note: This update was written exclusively by the Lady Falcons Head Coach, Mrs./Coach Beck herself, AKA "Del Crest Teacher Of The Year: 2010-2011". BecksBytes continues to be your source for exclusive information for Del Crest Middle School 6th grade girls basketball.

The Lady Falcons have had their fair share of trials and tribulations in their up and down season this year.  They started off strong and maintained a winning record until their last game before the mid-season break.  Upon their loss to Carl Albert the Falcons had a .500 record and were disheartened by their three game losing streak.  In a surprising move, Coach Beck canceled all practices during the break and told her team to spend the break getting their heads back in the game.  It seems after tonight's game that the remaining players for the Lady Falcons must have taken their coach's advice because their game play was right back to where it was at the beginning of the season.
The first quarter of the game looked bleak and reporters heard Coach Beck telling her girls, "just go out and have fun.  Don't worry about the"  After what proved to be an inspirational time out, the Lady Falcons swooped in to take a 10-0 lead by half time.  With her star player seemingly giving up, Coach Beck sent the player out of the gym in a storm of emotions and questioning looks from fans.  The team rallied around the player lifting her broken spirits which proved to be just what the team needed to hold onto their lead.  The point guard started the second half with some quick and amazing moves.  The athletic director was overheard saying, "wow!  She's so small...but quite the surprise."

Every player on the team was able to play in this blow out game.  The fans got to see skills from bench warmers that they hadn't seen before.  This is a team that is back on their way to the top.  After receiving criticism from the referees (who are they to tell a coach how to do her job?), Coach Beck pulled her girls off the Jarman Rockets and they were able to score 1 free throw making the final score 17-1.  Go Lady Falcons!  We can't wait to see how things shape up at home for the rest of the season.  The Lady Falcons have beat every team in their conference except for the ever vigilant Carl Albert Titans.  Can they improve enough to take over the Titans?  Will they have enough spirit to fight for first place in the conference?  Stay tuned in for continued updates from the Nest.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

NYE 2010 Roundup

2010 new year’s eve blog rundown

·        - Ke$ha is weird. On the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (ABC) with Seacrest, she was riding on Santa’s back and bashing up a bunny piƱata.
·         -Kathy Griffin is also weird. She’s on NBC with Carson Daily. I guess the real celebrities are off doing cool things.
·         -Seacrest is doing a “relationship status update” bit from facebook. LAME. Good thing Train is coming up. Oh, the dude playing ukulele looks like Howie Mandel. I remember when Train used to be good.
·         -Ugh. I’m old… NBC has something I don’t ger. A strange R&B act with rainbow hair in a white fur coat. Way overproduced for NYE. At least Daily is somewhat more tolerable than Seacrest.
·         -OH but Secrest had an interview with NKOTB! (minus one).
·         -The local news came on at 10 and they lead with weather. The meteorologist has her goin’ out duds on, and the anchor has her “Cruella DeVille” hair and fur on.
·         -Back to National coverage: Seacrest (ABC) has Jenny McCarthy and Daily (NBC) has Natalie Morales of the Today show.
·         -10:59:15. (Central Time) Dick Clark makes an appearance rescuing Seacrest from himself, and does the countdown for Times Square. Not the same without Bob Hope or Johnny Carson.
·         -Carson Daily (NBC) has some champagne and confetti in his teleprompter.
o   Cuts to a crowd reporter with 4 people who have videotaped the ball drop on their iPhones. Riveting.
o   OOOH! Back to the weird R&B artist that I know nothing about – over to ABC.
·         -Seacrest is hanging with NKOTB and Back Street and Ke$ha, who is wearing bright blue lipstick and hanging with a little kid who hugs her waist like Ke$ha is her mom. Weird I tell you.
·         -Rap from a rooftop on NBC. Dude, pull up your pants. Yes, I’m that old man. Get off my lawn.
·         -11:05. Somebody in our neighborhood is setting off fireworks. They’re an hour early.
·         -Dick Clark (81) rips Seacrest for complaining that he was sweating from running back and forth from the studio to the outside reporting area. Clark mentions covering NYE in snow, sleet, wind, rain, sub-zero temps and never uttering a solemn word. Class act, Clark is. Go back to sunny Cali, Seacrest.
·        - NBC breaks back with performance by My Chemical Romance.
·        - ABC comes back with those “like a G-6” people. Far east Movement I think they are called.
o   More proof that all the important stars are out doing cool things.
o   The G-6 show at least had some cool lights.
·        - The Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (DCNYRE) show from Hollywood is hosted by Fergie. Would rather see her perform with B.E.P. Guess I’ll wait for the superbowl.
·        - With all the musical talent being showcased, I’m glad not to see folks like Sting and The Boss – they’d be under appreciated.
·        - Saw a commercial for new Parks and Recreation episodes coming in January (it’s still December as I type this.) Thank God for Parks and Rec.
·        - Commercials on ABC too.
·        - Carson Daily is showing America via is mobile device, Lady Gaga’s Twitter page. LAME x2!
·        - Ahh, from the roof of 230 5th Ave in NYC, it is Lil’ Wayne – the afore mentioned rap act. Thanks Carson, for the intro. Now old dudes like me can tell when it’s time to change the channel.  
·        - Fergie is interviewing Jennifer Hudson. They’re both wearing short skirts; it’s a gam-off!
o   Oh Now Hudson is singing. I think I just saw her in a Weight Watchers commercial.
·        - Now that the ball has dropped, the networks are getting in their commercial breaks right and left. If I didn’t want to stay up and make fun of watch the local broadcast of the OKC event, I’d hit the sack.
·        - Mike Posner on DCNYRE – boring. Looks like “The Situation” and sounds like John Mayer.
·        - OOOH! Carson is signing off at 11:30 Oklahoma time, wonder if KFOR (Local affiliate) will come on with downtown coverage.
·        - NOOOO!!! KFOR is airing Jay Leno?
·        - Note about programming. I’ve not been ignoring CBS. It’s just that CBS is for old people, and they go to bed before 7, so there is no reason for CBS to produce and air a NYE special. So they’ve been showing reruns of NCIS or CSI or some other acronym show. But, Rhianna is on Letterman, but she has Raggedy Ann’s hair and is singing that dumb “o-nana” song.
·        - WOW! Times Square looks trashed, mostly because it is. The inmates in jumpsuits are already out with snow shovels and buckets cleaning up the mess.  
·        - La Roux is on stage in Hollywood on DCNYRE. This kind of music sucked in 1985, luckily some things never change.
·        - One of Jason Derulo’s dancers has an eyepatch. That’s awesome because I hope it’s legit.
·        - OOOH! Seinfeld rerun is on CBS – tempting, very tempting, but your faithful blogger will remain true to my task. Which is wasting your time. Besides, I’ve got a pretty long post going on here, hate to end it abruptly without mentioning the local coverage.
·        - Train back on stage, performing “Jupiter”. Thanks for trying to keep it real, except for the goofy star pants the lead singer is sporting. It’s a big glittery star with half on one leg and half on the other, up on his thighs. Nobody needs that, man. Howie Mandel on guitar!
·         -OK – 10 minutes to the OKC Ball Raising, just as Fergie kicks it back to “Ry-doggie dog”. No. Don’t ever do that.
·        - Ne-Yo on stage with some burlesque dancers and a girl who wants to be Snookie. Ne-Yo should shorten his name even more and just go by NY. Think of the free marketing he’d get! Or the headlines: “Rat Population Increases for NY in 2011”  --  NY Struggles To Dig Out From Under Massive Snowfall”
·        - I think Leno has Jim Cramer on. I really don’t know care.
·        - 5 minutes till… I’m preparing for the barrage of live reports from downtown OKC. Deep breaths, steady fingers. Last pull from a Cold One. Let’s do this.
·        - I think Averil Levine was reading the lyrics to her song off a sheet of paper taped to the floor.
·        - I shoulda worn a tie when I drummed. Classy. If Green Day and Blink 182 pulled it off, I could have.
·        - OKC Ball Raising! It goes up 15 feet, holy cow! KFOR is showing us the big crane hoisting the ball. KOCO is out of focus looking at the ball, and KFOR aired seriously a minute of the ball and some fireworks then cut back to national programming. Not even a shot of the live reporter or the crowd. Was really hoping for an accidental shot of Meg Alexander chugging from a bottle of Boones Farm, or Dean Blevins making out with a stranger. Maybe that’s why the cameras were pointed skyward. Rats.
·        - Props to the neighbors for raising a ruckus and freaking out my dog.
·        - Caught the end of a classic “Putty” episode of Seinfeld. Gave Leno a good old fashioned stink eye glare and am calling it a night.
·        - Crap. Craig Ferguson openes with dudes dressed up as Mario and Luigi?? How do I go to bed now?
Good Night.