Monday, December 19, 2011

Pre-Christmas update

Here's what we've been up to:

We bought a 2008 Prius! And we love it!

Son tried to hide at Old Navy because he didn't want to go home.

Made some sausage.

Eliza made some molasses crackle cookies!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pliers, Cops and the Fire Brigade

Shoulda posted this last month, but it got buried underneath a bunch of life...

[From early Nov.] These nights keep getting more and more awesome. If it's not the earthquakes, then its early November tornado watches & torrential downpours of seemingly biblical proportions. (I build outdoor playsets, not floating zoos by the way).

My wife had gone to the gym, and the kids were in bed. I was working on homework when the doorbell rang. It was a policeman, soaking wet. he asked for a pair of pliers because his girlfriend, our neighbor, had a leaky something and he was trying to shut off the water. Irony? It's in the middle of a huge fall storm, we have several inches of standing water on our sidewalk, the cop needs pliers for his girlfriends leak.

Anyway, like the paranoid good citizen I am, I loaned him a pair of channel-lock pliers, good for plumbing issues. 10 minutes later I hear sirens approaching the house. With cell phone camera ready, I snap this shot of the fire truck as it drove past our house, and parked in front of the neighbor.

"She has a leak and a fire?" I thought to myself...

No, turned out that the cop couldn't fix the leak. So what does he do? He calls in the pro's, ie. Edmond's First Responders - to a house leak - in the middle of severe weather.

Do I mind that my tax dollars are fixing my neighbors leaky faucet? Not really. Because I know who I'm calling the next time I need the garbage disposal un-jammed, or the lint removed from the dryer, or the dog bathed.

Dude did bring the pliers back though.

Muppets Make Your Kids Commies!

In a recent segment on Fox Business News, the topic of the new Muppet movie came up. Here's the (lengthy) clip:

I had heard a little of this via Twitter, and hadn't really reflected on it until I got an email from my sister. Then things connected and I responded with:
"Fox is against anything that seems to be, but in fact probably isn't, inherently opposed to their ideology that supports corporate greed, blind patriotism and rampant individualism at the expense of community but in the name of "national interest".

If anything, what we've all learned from being raised on the Street is that a strong sense of community, compassion for persons and causes impacted by injustices, and care for the natural environment including responsible use of resources, enriches our lives in ways that neither consumerism nor complacent political unawareness provides.

If the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, the 2008 presidential and 2011 off year elections are showing us anything, it is that this "Muppet/Sesame Street" generation is poised the be the most effective at major political, social, and economic change in decades- maybe a half century.

Its already being noticed, that one-time "hot-button" issues like abortion, gay rights, ethnic inequality (some say 21st century racism) are being resolved or at least minimized by a new generation of activists, business and civic leaders, and state/national politicians who are advancing new concerns that focus on the well being of the community rather than on restricting the individual. 

So I say, more Hooper's store, more Big Bird, more Oscar T. Grouch (he's actually the best at teaching non-aggressive conflict resolution), and more responsible awareness of diversity. 

Last point: go read a few lines of any of the fox pundits books, especially Glenn Beck's "children's" books... Then answer the question, "Now, who is it again that is trying to "brainwash" children?"

One more reason to admire Jim Henson & gang.