Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Holiday Wrap-Up (pun intended)

1) According to the packaging of most of the toys my kids got for Christmas, the North Pole is actually in China.
2) Four gift exchanges in 24 hours will do in a 3 year old. The boy was sacked!
3) Brief snow on Christmas Eve morning is almost as good as a "White Christmas"
4) When properly inflated, the tires on our 4Runner allow us to get over 300 miles on a tank of gas. For an 8 year old SUV, I say that's pretty good.
5) Things to locate before opening presents: flathead and philips head screwdrivers, assorted batteries, sturdy scissors for opening clam-shell packages, band-aids for when I cut myself on said clam-shell packaging, and whiskey.
6) I don't care where you are, 16 degrees F is dang cold.
7) You try to untangle the wires that hold Buzz Lightyear in the perfect marketing pose inside his box, while a 3 year old is not so patiently waiting for you. It'll make you doubt the existence of God.
8) There is nothing sweeter to me than a child saying "thank you daddy".

My hope for you is that you find joy this holiday season!


Santa left a little bit of his trousers!

Merry Christmas

Road Food

Noah got really hungry on our way home from Christmas trip.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I think my photos are getting better. Here are a few shots from recent inspirations. Both taken in mid October with a Canon EOS Rebel XTi with the standard EFS 18-55mm kit lens.

The cat is Ringer. She's pretty shy with me most times, but there in the sun I think she must not have cared too much.

Then some renegade grapevines on the fence around the pool. I love the color changes.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

nerd alert

iPhone pic of son with 3D glasses.

Christmas In Name Only: Jim Inhofe Snubs "Holiday" Parade

UPDATE: Local blog "The Lost Ogle" also commented on Inhofe's Christmas parade crusade. Check out their post here.
And The Daily Show with John Stewart made fun of Inhofe, as is their custom.

U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) endured personal grief and severe emotion in deciding to not participate in the Tulsa parade that recognizes and celebrates the special moments in religious and commercial life that occur this time of year - formerly known as a "Christmas Parade".

Now the leaders and planners of the Tulsa event have changed the name to include "holiday" rather than "Christmas" so that they are more inclusive of other religious and non religious persons who feel the need to celebrate. The parade is actually called "Parade of Lights", which makes me wonder if Inhofe's reason to boycott the event might be because "Parade of Lights" sounds kinda Hanukkah-ish. Which begs the question, can a parade have a religious affiliation? I am most certain that there will be floats in this newly named Holiday Parade of Lights. And I'm most certain that at least one Christian church will have a float in said parade. And if that is the case, then surely that church would mention CHRISTmas somewhere on their float - maybe even have a nativity scene depicted or something.

So it's still a parade with Christmas elements. I'm sure it also has marching band, Shriner, Lions & Kiwanis club, Elks Lodge, auto dealership, firetruck, military, police, snowman, reindeer, gift packaging and Santa elements too. So really, good ole Cowboy Jim just wants a chance to tell the Fox News world how he had to put himself out so much just to find a parade to ride his horsey in that had Christmas in its title. Broken Arrow? It's like 10 miles away. To paraphrase VP Biden, big freakin' deal.

Tulsa is too big for you Jim - you may be a home town boy, but you're not a homeboy.

Monday, December 6, 2010

o Christmas Tree

Step one- set up the stand with tree securely in place.

The Fraser fir.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Falcons Hope to Learn from Loss

The 2010-11 Del Crest Middle School 6th Grade Lady Falcons Basketball squad continues to build on its success from the last season. After a tough loss to Jarman Middle School last week, the Lady Falcons looked to regain composure this week. And with a 22-16 victory over conference rival Monroney Thunderbirds, the Lady Falcons are now 3-2 on the season.

In a practice transition not yet seen by a Falcon team under coach Becks tenure, fundamental training is being replaced by practicing a more aggressive defense. And coach Beck is implementing an offensive strategy that is challenging even the teams athletic leaders. "I think they can be pushed to the next level, and really come together as a team." said Beck. "I know we can move the ball to the rim, now we need to focus on controlling the pace of the game and taking advantage of our speed on defense."

The Lady Falcons will get to put it to the test next Tuesday when they take on Kerr Middle School.

Letters of Lament: Education Edition


"Dear _____,
I am sorry that I did not do my work. I keep on forgeting things. When I do remember it is to late. My teachers and parents don't belive me. One time in second grade I was accused for cloging one of the toilets with toilet paper. They didn't belive me when I said "I didn't!" So please belive me. I also forget notes. I am sorry