Monday, March 8, 2010

Glenn Beck Urges Listeners to Leave Churches That Preach Social Justice -- Politics Daily

Glenn Beck Urges Listeners to Leave Churches That Preach Social Justice -- Politics Daily

Gotta get this out there.

1) Jesus preached "social justice" (care for the poor, elderly, orphans, the sick)

2) Beck says that Christians are in danger of losing the right to read the bible the way they want, (he doesn't say where the danger is coming from specifically). I say it's because of statements like his that his 'prophecy' might be self-fulfilling. Let me unpack: I like to read the theme of social justice in the Jesus stories of the bible. Jesus talks more about caring for the poor and unfortunate than any other topics including heaven, hell and salvation. So if I seriously read the bible for content (not for support of religio-political positions), it's not difficult to grasp one of the the major themes of Jesus' teaching. But by even suggesting that people leave churches that preach social justice, Mr. Beck is making his own prediction come true. If there is a danger that someone will soon be telling me that I can't believe this or that about the bible or the main themes of Jesus' teaching, then I say that danger is Glenn Beck, not those oft blamed "socialists".

3) In the past 6 weeks, the youth ministry at the church I serve has prepared over 20 kits of baby supplies to send to Haiti (through our global mission partner Church World Service) and has made 21 fleece blankets to distribute among the homeless population in Oklahoma City. Believe it that the students who participate in our youth ministry are growing in their understanding of the call of ALL Christians to love not hate, the meaning of the scriptures, and the importance of caring for our neighbor. These are not socialist themes, they are Christian themes.

4) Once again, I am seriously considering changing my last name.