Monday, October 19, 2009

Miss Maggie Marie

Ta-da! Here's a face profile. This was taken last wednesday, Oct. 14th. All is well with mom and baby - looking for a Dec. 11- Dec. 15th due date.

Interview with Del Crest Lady Falcons Head Coach

It's that time of year sports fans - time to put on that Red and Black 'cause Mrs. Beck and the 6th Grade Lady Falcons are Back! Basketball season is quickly decending on Del Crest Middle School. And coming off a single win season, the new squad begins practice for the 2009 - 2010 season this Wednesday.

Entering her sophomore effort as Head Coach, Mrs. Beck reflects on last seasons success. "I think this year will have its challenges as did last year. And everyone knows we overcame some large obstacles as a team and as individuals."

The falcons face rival Jarmin Middle School two times again this year, and hope to build on last year's win. "We got schooled our first time out against them last year, but took it to 'em later in the season. We're gonna try and build on that win this year and hopefully expand our wins to include Monroney Middle School and possibly Kerr Middle School. Those Kermites won't know what hit 'em" Beck said.

Asked about the daunting challenge of playing Carl Albert Middle School, Coach Beck cautioned players and fans from having too high of ambitions. "We've gotta be real to who we are. Del Crest players and fans need to stay focused on building a program that is competitive on our level. The Carl Albert Middle School Titans will always be there, but Kerr and Jarmin are something we can get a handle on this season."

But this season is going to be no less difficult for the Lady Falcons. With the entire team graduating to the 7th grade last year, Coach Beck has a new squad of eager and willing athletes to shape into basketball champions. "One thing that we have going for us is the "newbie factor". Other squads like Choctaw come out of the YMCA and have been playing for years, but we have the advantage in that our players have never dribbled a ball in their life, so we can build up players from the very basics" said Beck.

The Choctaw district just this academic year moved 6th grade into the middle school, so most of the girls on their squad will have played for at least 2 years in the YMCA league. For Coach Beck, this is a negative for the Lady Yellowjackets. "Our hopes are that once their girls enter the school league, all their training, experience and development from the YMCA League will go out the window, and our two teams will be on the same level." The Lady Yellowjackets trounced the Lady Falcons in last year's Monroney Invitational 45-6 in the first round, and 39-9 in the second round.

One last note of interest. Coach Beck is expecting an addition to her own little team. A daughter will be born in mid-season, opening up the opportunity for a new assistant coach to make her mark on the 2009-2010 Lady Falcons. "This will be a great opportunity for Assistant Coach, uh.. Mrs. uhh... I think her name starts with a G. Anyway, it'll be a great chance for her to get some coaching experience and learn the ropes."

Look for updates throughout the rest of preseason and the regular season right here on your Del Crest Middle School 6th Grade Girls Basketball connection.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We went to the Oklahoma State Fair a few weeks back. It was a great evening to be at the fair - nice weather (though a bit breezy) and not too crowded. Even the line at the cinnamon roll stand was short! We did however have a hard time finding a decent parking spot.

I was on the lookout for mullets, kids on leashes and sleeveless demin jackets with eagles on the back. Unfortunately we came up empty handed, except "Disco Frank" here in the background of this fine pic of my brother-in-law (who appears to be deep in thought).

Elizabeth and Noah were on the lookout for anything deep-fried. Jumbo corndog, check. Brick of curly-fries, check. Roasted corn on the cob, check:

Two cinnamon rolls, check. Mini root beer jug, check. Pregnant goats, check. Rat-tails on boys, check. Rat tails on middle aged men..., check. Rat-tails on middle aged women, check. Rickety-looking carney rides, check:

Let me just recommend that the normal person should steer clear of eating an entire jumbo-sized ear of roasted corn by themselves. It is clear that I am not a normal person. R-O-L-A-I-D-S!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Jr. High Drama (4)

More booty talk - more relationship problems - more interesting slang. Plus the introduction of a new character, Sir "Gem"! Remember readers, names have been changed and [brackets] indicate an edit.

Last night when [we] was at the game "Bri" said something to "Julius" about you and he was like he don't like you and [stuff] like that...

Well i know he don't like me like that because he told me dat and we say we are brothers and sisters. I go out with "Chuck" but sooner or later I'm gone to break up with him.

You go out with "Chuck"? he get on my nervous, and "Keifer" been gettin' on my nervous too.

You dumb. I don't know why I'm goin' out with him. [He's a] cry baby - talkin' about Sir "Gem"!

I know, over a [freaking] pen! And "Dillon" got mad at me because I said he got a small [shoe size].

You told me dat when we had to go to the cafeteria for dat pink slip. "AJ" wants me to tell "Sharonda" [that] it's over and he wont quit grabbing my chest and my butt everyday.

Oh. Do he even like "Sharonda"?

No, he said he only liked her for her butt. But he said it's getting flat and mine is getting big.

He dum. "Sharonda" is starting to get dusty.

What do you mean by dat? Dat's mean.

She dont know how to dress. I ain't try to be mean but its true.

You CRAZY! lol smiley face :-)

You dum and do you know why "Keifer" mad at "Natalie"?

Because she gave "Dillon" a fake number he thought it was real and he wanted her number and so he is mad at her. But he said he was over it [even though] he not.

"Keifer" is just weird because yesterday in the lunch line he was like move that chair away from me, talking about their badges and he called her a b****.

Did she get mad - or she let it slide?

IDK [I dont know]

oh. Are you "Serena's" friend?

I guess but she got "Keifer's badge and she know I wear it everyday.

Dat b****! She gone hug "Chuck"! I want to fight her now.


Whew! Hard to keep up with changing those names. Thanks for hanging in there. Comments? Suggestions on fighting tactics for the brawl against "Serena"? Got a way for her to get back "Keifer's" badge? If you need an example of what dusty (not knowing how to dress) looks like:

10 Things I learned this weekend (1)

Ten things I learned at our garage sale last weekend:

1) Keeping tables full of toddler clothes neatly sorted (by size) and folded improves sales. People will stop and look through an organized table and overlook a messy pile.

2) People will pay for a $1.00 DVD with a Jackson, even when there's a Washington in their hand.

3) Always have plenty of change.

4) If something doesn't sell at the previous 3 yard sale's (an old leather HEAVY golf bag), set it out anyway, someone will offer you 2 bucks for it. And when they do, take the money and run!

5) Only sell electronics that work. And price compare them with EBAY, so you know where to begin. Use serial numbers to price an exact match. Then when someone asks "Would you take $$$ instead?" you can say that your exact model of imersion blender is going for $10 on ebay, without shipping - so $5.o0 is a great bargain!

6) Using the word "bargain" is much more effective than "deal", "cheap" or "thrifty". Bargain infers value.

7) People will steal a beer mug night light (with gold-colored flakes that move when the liquid is heated by the light).

8) People won't steal a full box of coaxial cable, even though the copper value in the cable is probably more than the 2.00 price tag for the whole box.

9) People will steal a book about stress-free classroom discipline. Hey, I guess they need to learn about discipline.

10) Give someone who buys ALL of your baby boy infant onsies a discount, and give someone who buys both big boxes of ruled classroom paper a discount when they tell you they're shipping it to a school in a third-world country.

11) Despite getting rid of lots of stuff, the garage still looks jam-packed with junk.