Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i love it when a quick call to mom turns into an internet lesson.

Monday, May 18, 2009

MOMMY BLOG or Monday Morning Sermon

*** WARNING! ***


Noah decided to sleep in today. He's usually up at 6am but it's 9 am and he's still sawing logs. It is SOOOOO CUTE! ;)

Even Kate the dog is sleeping in. She's sleeping right at the edge of the bed where he is, kinda protecting him and making sure he's safe. It is SOOOOOOO CUTE! ;)

ugh. enough of the mommy-blog.

Yesterday we had Sr. Breakfast and Recognition at church. It was a really nice day and a great time to be proud of our grads.

Then this morning I found out that someone is in the hospital, and so I'll be off to deal with that later.

From joy to suffering, such is the nature and reality of life. We deal with it in the context of our faith, remembering the presence and love of God found in the caring and nurturing relationships with family and friends.

A theme from scripture that has been with me as of late: "there is a time and a purpose for everything" (translation and emphasis mine). Not that I'm into predestination, but I do think that when something occurs, it is there in that time that purpose can be defined, whether it is positive or negative, we make what we can out of each situation in life as we are informed by the scriptures, our faith and our understanding of God's role in the world.

(sigh...) Well, here's to half priced Sonic drinks and warm sunny days!

Friday, May 15, 2009

We need guttering...

We're due for another round of severe weather as I type this. Which means that the backyard will once again be a swamp for 3 days.

Here's some hail from 2 minutes ago:

Earlier today the weather was really sunny with a nice solid breeze, so it was good for the yard to dry out a little, but since we're forecast to get up to 3 inches of rain tonight, well there goes that.

Tomorrow we're golfing in the church golf scramble with some friends. It'll be soggy to say the least, and we're guaranteed to lose some balls. I'm no serious golfer, I just like to drive the carts. Elizabeth just likes to dress up in plaid pants. Well, I do that too.

On the bright side I put together a rocking chair for Noah to sit in when we're outside.

Oh, and I found a dead mouse in a bucket of bird feed today. Did it:
a) eat too much
b) suffocate
c) get rubbed out my the mouse mafia
d) ________

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Summer Plans

School is almost out for the district. I'm done with classes this semester, but gearing up for a summer course.

Usually we take a nice vacation somewhere to see family or at least have a long trip with the youth at our church. But not this summer!

We're instead going <2 hrs up the turnpike for the big family reunion, and staying local with the summer mission trip at church.

So what does all this mean?

It means that the deck and patio have been cleaned off, washed and swept.
It means the grill has been uncovered.
It means that Elizabeth is taking loads of seminars for her teaching job this summer (and getting paid for it).
And it means that we'll be home a lot! So come by and visit or at least bring some burgers for the grill.

Catch up

For once in my life I feel less nerdy than my sisters because they started blogs before I did:


So instead of letting them bask in their complete and utter dorkdom, I figure I'd make a feeble attempt to join the ranks of folks posting stuff online that most people don't really need to know. We'll see how long it lasts.

Here are some cell pix from a big huge fire that was 1/2 mile from our church. It took out 70+ homes in MWC and Choctaw.

Then one day I was driving home from Tulsa and saw that I was getting an average of 30.0 MPG! SWEET!

Not bad for a 9 year old car!