Sunday, December 13, 2009

Maggie, by the numbers

8:16 pm
6lb 9 oz
19.75 inches long

50 hrs for us in the delivery center
6 hrs of sleep for Elizabeth
8 hrs of sleep for Andy

6 trips to McDonald's/Sonic/Braums
3 trips back to the house

6 helium balloons (2 for Noah)

1 super cute, sweet and adorable baby girl

* So Elizabeth, in her complete nerd-dom disclosed to me her "numerology" of Noah's and Maggie's birthdates. Noah's birthdate 4-5-07, and can be arrived at by taking the first number, 4, and adding 1 to get the 5, then take the 5 and by adding two arrive at the 7. Maggie's on the other hand can be arrived at by taking her first number, 12, and subtracting 1 (for 11), then the second number, 11, and by subtracting 2 get the last number, 9.

I'm no Stephen Hawking, but I think this is pretty coo! not only that it works, but that Elizabeth figured it out. Have I said that she's amazing?