Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lake Hefner

Friday we went out to eat at Louie's at the Lake. Good food and beautiful weather!

Noah especially liked the lighthouse and the sailboats.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jr. High Drama (3)

In this installment of Jr. High Drama, one student, “Baby Momma” expresses her affection for another in a monologue, some of which is rated R. In reality it’s a difficult read, but to lighten it up a bit, try hearing Barry White say it in your head, with some “slow jams” playing in the background.


Hey baby!

I want to tell you why I like you.

First, you are nice.

Second, you stick up for me.

Third, you are attractive.

Fourth, you ain’t afraid to kiss me in da hallway

[this continues up through the 8th “why I like you” with repeats of the first 4]

Ninth, you say dat you want to **** me. Well, I want to **** you too.

I like you because you stick up for me.

When other people make fun of me for having a small booty,

you say you like my pirtty small booty.

I like dat you call me your baby momma. I guess I will just talk to you soon.

From – you Baby Momma

P.S. I want you to be my baby daddy.


You might be impressed with Baby Momma’s reasons for liking her boo. Bravery, courage, honor… but then there’s #9. It’s tough to remember that this blog series is a commentary on reality.

The fact that she likes him calling her his “baby momma” points to the real need this girl has to feel needed and wanted by a male. It suggests an absence of a male parental figure, which is the case for so many students.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jr. High Drama (2)

In another installment of Jr. High Drama, we learn about "CJ's" wooing attempts prior to the big Back to School Dance.

I'm telling u I don't like "CJ"

Y don't u like him anymore?

He doesnt like me and i just got over him. HE IS CHILDISH!

How is he CHILDISH?

He was screaming and kneeing us remember?

O wat ever - but he is kinda cute, KINDA

Yea but I'm over him, so HA! ughh I told him I don't like him, but hs is cute kinda

OK but if he askes u to the dance wat would u say?

He won't but if he does, probably yea, why?

O just wondering LOL :)

Who should I go with, nobody probably, wut if he ask u?

ask me wat?

2 go 2 the dance with him duh!


The girl with the blue & white is reading the notes

O she's nosie and big

LOL guess wut and DONT TELL!

Tell what?

I dont know if I still like him, but i'm over him.

OK he's a flirt!

A cute one, but I don't care 'bout him.


Who will CJ end up going to the dance with? Will she go back with him? OOOHHHH THE DRAMA!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kate's Big Adventure: an account of the adventure from our perspective

So yesterday Noah and I leave at 5:45 am to do our normal Wednesday routine. Get up too early - drive to Edmond - drop off Noah @ Mi mi's house, then I drive on to Tulsa for seminary. Elizabeth puts Kate out in teh back yard at 7:30 am before she goes to work. Nothing new, been doing this for 4 years.

After school is out, Elizabeth goes straight to a Dr. appt and doesnt go home but instead, meets her mom (Mi mi) to go pick up her brother from the airport. After the successful acquisition of Noah's Uncle Michael, they all head straight to the church because Elizabeth leads a Wednesday eve yoga class.

I call her cell at 5:30 to say I'm on my way home from T-town, and we make plans to play sand volleyball after her Yoga class.

So to update, none of us have been home since 7:30 am.

Well, a storm pops up ruining our hope of sand volleyball game, so we head home just before 8:00 pm.
But when I go to let Kate inside she's nowhere to be found. She's skiddish about storms, so I check her house, behind her house, under the deck etc. Nope. I talk to the neighbors, check their backyards & look around our house for evidence of something. No black dog.

So we pack up in the cars and drive around for an hour trying to find a wet black dog against the wet black night scenery. Unlikely.

Reality starts to settle in a bit. She's lost - run away - stolen - ran over. To knock off any lingering sense of hope, she had just been at the vet on Tuesday and recieved a gauntlet of shots and medicines that in the past have made her a little sicky.

So around 9:30 p.m. we call it a night. Not being able to sleep I go open the side gate, in case she decides to return. That's when I notice the flat tire on the 4 Runner. So after 20 min. of putting on the spare, and cussing out the evening this had turned into, I recheck the backyard for clues as to her escape. It's dark, my flashlight needs charged and the threatening lightning is getting closer. Bed time.

Elizabeth get's up early and calls for her in the backyard this morning. I follow to the kitchen window, and we both hear a familiar jingle jangle sound. Her collar! From where? So a pregnant wife drags a patio chair to the back fence and discovers ol' Kate wagging and bouncing among the junk and trash of our neighbor's back yard. She was clean and dry!

My thoughts:
1) she climbed out the back corner into their yard (I found her excape route this morning)
2) the neighbors let her inside before the rain storm hit, where she must have stayed overnight.
3) they never thought it would be a good idea to call the number ON HER NAMETAG to let us know they had her. Were the ever going to call?

So we drove around the block and I rang the doorbell:

"Hi, um, I think you have my dog in your backyard"

"Your what?"

"My dog Kate. She's a black lab and she is in your backyard. I'm your neighbor to the back and she climbed our fence last night. Can I get her back?"

"We already have a dog. It's in the backyard."

"I know, you have a dachshund. But there is also an 87lb black lab back there, and I'd sure like to get her back."

"Oh, ok. just go back there and take what you want."

"Um, thanks. I'll just get my dog. If you find her again please call the number on her tag, we were up and worried all night."

"Kate has a tag? There's a number on it? Oh, ok."
Something is weird about this story. The neighbor didn't know our dog was back there, but she was dry and clean? The neighbor didn't know she had a tag? She has two, and they jingle together everytime she moves!

So anyway, she's now fed and brushed, and flaked out on the living room rug. After this we're off to take the tire to get plugged. Then I'm going to foil her little escape route with a little hot wire fakery.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The great pumpkin patch

For all his work, Noah only got one lousy pumpkin from our little impromptu and totally accidental pumpkin patch. Good news is that it was big enough to call a success. Bad news is that it had some worms that chewed it all up and made it really gross. So we put it back from whence it came - the compost pile.

The gourds on the other hand have been more fruitful... (post on this coming later.)