Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Name Contest Results

So for all who participated in the 2009 Beck Family Baby Name-Off, here are the results:
OK, actually here are the choices that were offered:


And here is a sample of the email responses that I got back:

From Jessie & Jason -
2)Hudson - As in Rock or Kate? 'Cause I would go with Hudson if it were Kate but not Rock [ed. note : plus 2 points for Rock Hudson reference].
Masculitis - this sounds like a disorder, not a name
Rainer - Is not so bad but is inching towar Hippyville. If you have Rainer, you will also need Willow, Wind and Sunshine for siblings.
4)Testicules - this would definitely represent our Greek heritage best. [ed. note: I don't know where Testicules came from, but it made me giggle and wish I had thought of it]

From Adrian - [who used the top-down numerating system to define her top, or was it bottom, choice.]
4. Rainer
3. Elliot
2. Hudson
1. Asher
But I would like to add another name...Henery Reid
[Henery Reid? Is that pronounced "En-ehr-ry", as in "Enehrry the eighth I yam, I yam"]

Finally, from Nanci -

"So you are not looking at a name from the Bible? I am not sure of any of these...Elliot is OK but reminds me of Ellis
. Hudson is OK but a little preppy. Maxwell is cute if you shorten it to Max, but max beck is a little short. Asher is like usher but I do like it. But my favorite is Steveanci.
But I don't think you need to focus on a boy name, unless you KNOW it is a boy. IF it is... congratulations! You both have done a beautiful job with your first boy. Now if you are pulling my leg and it is a girl, congratulations! And send me a better list...oh is Maggie Marie."

And the winner is: Maggie Marie! Yes, it's going to be a girl, and her due date is Dec. 13th.
Savings Bonds, T-Bills and Babies-R-Us Gift Cards can be sent c/o Noah & Kate Beck 116 Gill, MWC 73110.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

As promised, here are some pics of the green things growing in our backyard:

Gourds (take 2) - We tried it last year but the hot afternoon July sun fried them. This new location provides morning sun and afternoon shade. Maybe we'll get a few gourds.

Volunteer Pumpkins:
I was moving some compost from the bin onto an old stump to speed up decomposition of the stump, and lo & behold a week later, up pop some little plants! We think they are pumpkins, but dont really know. We did put our old pumpkins in the compost last year, so it would make sense! We'll see in a few months.

Some just for fun, but the jumbo ones are for birds and hiding our neighbors ugly backyard.

Well, the heat wave may be lifted for the time, the highs next week are in the lower 90's, woo hoo!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

keepin' it green in 100+ heat

Surprisingly, we've been able to keep a few things alive during the heat wave, and even coax a few things to grow! (Pics of pumpkin plants, sunflowers and gourd plants coming soon...)

It's been over 100 for a few days, and supposed to be all this week too. So we're keepin' it chill by not staying home and instead using the AC at other places like work and the in-laws.

Here's a pic from the family reunion weekend for you to offer your own caption...