Sunday, December 13, 2009

Maggie, by the numbers

8:16 pm
6lb 9 oz
19.75 inches long

50 hrs for us in the delivery center
6 hrs of sleep for Elizabeth
8 hrs of sleep for Andy

6 trips to McDonald's/Sonic/Braums
3 trips back to the house

6 helium balloons (2 for Noah)

1 super cute, sweet and adorable baby girl

* So Elizabeth, in her complete nerd-dom disclosed to me her "numerology" of Noah's and Maggie's birthdates. Noah's birthdate 4-5-07, and can be arrived at by taking the first number, 4, and adding 1 to get the 5, then take the 5 and by adding two arrive at the 7. Maggie's on the other hand can be arrived at by taking her first number, 12, and subtracting 1 (for 11), then the second number, 11, and by subtracting 2 get the last number, 9.

I'm no Stephen Hawking, but I think this is pretty coo! not only that it works, but that Elizabeth figured it out. Have I said that she's amazing?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Posting Pause

So we've got a ton of stuff to accomplish before Maggie arrives in the not too distant future, and I have many, many pages of finals to write before the end of the semester. So no more posts before both of those items are accomplished.

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

homemade applesauce recipe

So I used:

- Granny Smith apples, 7 big ones that were just over 4 lbs total, cored and peeled
- about 4 strips of fresh lemon peel, (avoid the white part, it's bitter)
- 3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
- 1 cinnamon stick
- 1 tsp powdered cinnamon
- 1/4 cup brown sugar
- 1/2 cup white sugar
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 1 cup water

Add all ingredients to a big pot, cover it and boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 25 minutes.
Remove cinnamon stick and lemon peel, and mash it all up with a potato masher to desired consistency. Add sugar/cinnamon to desired taste - then it's ready to serve!

I'd like to try it again with Fuji or Golden Delicious apples because they are not as tart. One recipe I looked at called for Gravenstien apples, but i've not ever heard of them and couldn't find them.

Other suggestions? Let's hear about it in the comments!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've tried to keep my political opinions to myself with this blog, but I feel that there are some exceptions. I don't have cable television, so don't get to watch these shows, but if I did, I probably wouldn't watch much MSNBC or FOX News.

After reading about an interview on the Rachel Maddow program, I feel encouraged to share it with you. Here's the link.

The very real and very dangerous atmosphere of paranoia and distrust that is brewing in America is frightening to say the least. But when Maddow's guest, former right-wing Christian Evangelical leader Frank Schaeffer suggests that there is a segment of extreme fundamental evangelicalism that seemingly supports and encourages acts of violence in the vein of Timothy McVeigh, I get a little jumpy - and pissed.

I've read about and seen with my own eyes, these bumper stickers suggesting that President Obama be essentially assassinated in the will of God. What kind of America are we living in, that it would be acceptable to make these kind of outright, blatant and legitimate threats to the president? Is this the "real America" that Palin was referring to?

It's no wonder that so many people are turning away from Christianity when they hear these kinds of things. If I didn't believe differently, I'd run screaming from the Church too.

Instead, I'm empowered to speak against these attitudes of violence and threats of real terror. I do not want my children growing up in a country where their political leaders are being assassinated by the de facto leaders of the dominant faith. Is it a stretch to say that religious fanatics are turning up the heat on the fringe militant groups? Schaeffer doesn't think so:

I think the situation that I find genuinely frightening right now is that you have a ramping up of biblical language... And what it‘s coalescing into is branding Obama as Hitler, as they‘ve already called him...

But now, it turns out, that he joins the ranks of the unjust kings of ancient Israel, unjust rulers, to which all these biblical illusions are directed who should be slaughtered, if not by God, then by just men.

My fear is that we as a nation are moving away from ethical democracy - government by people participating in shared power systems for the benefit of all persons - and toward a governing system that looks a lot like an oppressive ideological dictatorship - where the "dictator" is not a single person, but a narrowed ideological view embodied in the powerful, yet shallow-minded few. Wasn't it a system of oppressive ideology that some adventurous settlers were trying to escape, that lead to the birth of this nation? Have we learned nothing from history?

I understand that every president in modern times has faced real and dangerous threats. I remember watching the news when Reagan was shot. But I also do not remember anytime in my life there being this level of negativity, on such a broad scope nationally. And hear that this perspective of mine is not coming from a pro-Obama position. Yes I voted for him because I thought he was the better candidate. I'm disappointed that he has not re-enacted the assault weapons ban that Bush let expire in the waning days of his administration.

But if people cannot speak against the attitude and expression of fundamentalist violence in America, then at least on that level we as a nation are no better than what we despise in places like Pakistan, Iran, North Korea and the like.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sick Day

I've been home all day sick with some kind of stomach bug. On top of feeling like poo all morning, Kate (the black lab) decided it was a good idea to get sick on the kitchen floor as her way of making me feel better. FAIL.

so now the house smells like Lysol and Clorox Green Works.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lady Falcon Basketball Post-Tourney UPDATE

Monroney Middle School 6th Grade Tournament Wrap-up
The '09-'10 Del Crest 6th grade Lady Falcons arrived at the tournament with two things in mind: control the ball on offense, and out-perform on rebounds. And on the whole, that is what they achieved during their three game 2009 season debut. Coach Beck had another goal in mind.
"We want to go out and get a win. That would be a great way to start off the season, and really give these girls some confidence in their natural abilities."
And it would help the confidence of a second-year head coach and her newbie assistant.
For Beck, success on the court means success during practice. Her approach is on fundamentals of the game.
"We're teaching the very basics of basketball to inner-city girls, [who] have limited access to resources like the local YMCA and private sports leagues. Sometimes it's a challenge - I'm not going to sugar-coat it."
And success is what the Lady Falcons found in their Round 1 game against the Crutcho Tigers Early in the game it became evident that the Falcon 3/4 court press was too much for the Tigers to handle.
"The press is something we picked up from last year. We got beat by it nearly every game. I wasn't going to let that happen this season." Beck said. Del Crest beat Crutcho 18-2 to advance to the second round where they faced the Oakdale Rockets.
Oakdale is an Edmond-area district. Edmond-area kids, like those in Choctaw are encouraged to play in YMCA leagues and other private club associations. While the Rockets may have had the upper hand in experience, practice and nearly every other basketball fundamental, they didn't soar to the heights their name implies. The Lady Falcons easily dominated on rebounds, which helped keep the score close. The Rockets beat the Falcons 21-15.
The loss to the Rockets put Del Crest in the "B" Pool, where they faced cross-town rival Carl Albert Middle School. The Titans were thought to be highly talented this season, but with a loss in round 2 play, they faced the Lady Falcons for a third-place match. Once again Del Crest's height proved advantageous, as the Lady Titans were held to only 12 points on the game. Coach Beck's Lady Falcons weren't able to capitalize on that success however, losing to Carl Albert by seven points.
On the successes and challenges of the Monroney Tournament, Coach Beck said "We really got a picture of our major strengths as well as the things we need to work on."
Look for improved offense and shooting from the Lady Falcon team tomorrow, when Del Crest visits Jarman Middle School for the first game of conference play.

super star blog in the works

The local newspaper is closing its doors. So when I went to do a little research on a recent basketball tournament for this blog, I typed "2009 Monroney Middle School basketball tournament" into a Google search, and guess what the #2 entry is:

That's pretty legit for a lame blog with 4 followers. Google must really like me. Or I'm the only one blogging about Mid-Del 6th grade girls basketball. I'm going with Google liking me.

10 Things (2)

After a month long break from blogging, here's a "10 Things I learned" from the past few weekends, which included a long weekend trip to MO.

1) It takes longer getting to the vacation than it does getting home.

2) MO is prettier than OK this time of year [mid-Oct.]. We saw some great color in the trees!

3) The chances of winning anything worthwhile with McDonald's Monopoly isn't really worth eating there 5 times in 4 days. Although those little game pieces sure are fun to peel off!

4) Always leave room in the trunk of the car for all the extra stuff that comes home. We bought 4 big pumpkins at the Shirks family market. It's a Mennonite farm west of Jefferson City.

5) Pumpkins sold by Missouri Mennonites are way better looking and way cheaper than pumpkins sold by grocery stores in OK.

6) People will protest anything, including the Women of Faith Conference in OKC. While I may not completely agree with the idea of huge corporate-religious conferences, I don't think that they lead to "hell", which is what some protesters thought.

7) Oklahomans like to mix up OU Football season with Fall holidays. One house had a giant inflatable OU Linebacker in the yard, next to a giant inflatable Homer Simpson jack-o-lantern. Then in after Halloween, the Homer-o-lantern was replaced by a giant inflatable pilgrim turkey. I can only assume that come Nov. 27th the turkey will be replaced by a Homer Santa stuck in a chimney with a fading and tiresome OU Linebacker looking on in disgust.

8) When there is a 30% chance of .5 inches of snow in the panhandle, the local OKC news stations interview Oklahoma County Highway department officials about what they are doing to prepare for the upcoming "ice storm".

9) I can't wait for the huge weather forecast FAIL.

10) Noah refers to the channel 5 weather man as "goggles". Not a clue why, he only said, "that man name is goggles". Okay.

Punkum Patch

Noah's big into pumpkins, ever since going to MO and getting a special "Spookley" present from his Granny.

And here we are at a local pumpkin patch & corn maze. Look what we found there!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Findings

It's Friday Findings, published on Monday.

We've had lots of weather in the 70's lately, but next week it's supposed to be in the 50's which means that it might finally feel like fall around here. But more importantly - we're raking leaves! So not to be out done by Adrian's pics, here are some cute ones of Noah in the leaves:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Miss Maggie Marie

Ta-da! Here's a face profile. This was taken last wednesday, Oct. 14th. All is well with mom and baby - looking for a Dec. 11- Dec. 15th due date.

Interview with Del Crest Lady Falcons Head Coach

It's that time of year sports fans - time to put on that Red and Black 'cause Mrs. Beck and the 6th Grade Lady Falcons are Back! Basketball season is quickly decending on Del Crest Middle School. And coming off a single win season, the new squad begins practice for the 2009 - 2010 season this Wednesday.

Entering her sophomore effort as Head Coach, Mrs. Beck reflects on last seasons success. "I think this year will have its challenges as did last year. And everyone knows we overcame some large obstacles as a team and as individuals."

The falcons face rival Jarmin Middle School two times again this year, and hope to build on last year's win. "We got schooled our first time out against them last year, but took it to 'em later in the season. We're gonna try and build on that win this year and hopefully expand our wins to include Monroney Middle School and possibly Kerr Middle School. Those Kermites won't know what hit 'em" Beck said.

Asked about the daunting challenge of playing Carl Albert Middle School, Coach Beck cautioned players and fans from having too high of ambitions. "We've gotta be real to who we are. Del Crest players and fans need to stay focused on building a program that is competitive on our level. The Carl Albert Middle School Titans will always be there, but Kerr and Jarmin are something we can get a handle on this season."

But this season is going to be no less difficult for the Lady Falcons. With the entire team graduating to the 7th grade last year, Coach Beck has a new squad of eager and willing athletes to shape into basketball champions. "One thing that we have going for us is the "newbie factor". Other squads like Choctaw come out of the YMCA and have been playing for years, but we have the advantage in that our players have never dribbled a ball in their life, so we can build up players from the very basics" said Beck.

The Choctaw district just this academic year moved 6th grade into the middle school, so most of the girls on their squad will have played for at least 2 years in the YMCA league. For Coach Beck, this is a negative for the Lady Yellowjackets. "Our hopes are that once their girls enter the school league, all their training, experience and development from the YMCA League will go out the window, and our two teams will be on the same level." The Lady Yellowjackets trounced the Lady Falcons in last year's Monroney Invitational 45-6 in the first round, and 39-9 in the second round.

One last note of interest. Coach Beck is expecting an addition to her own little team. A daughter will be born in mid-season, opening up the opportunity for a new assistant coach to make her mark on the 2009-2010 Lady Falcons. "This will be a great opportunity for Assistant Coach, uh.. Mrs. uhh... I think her name starts with a G. Anyway, it'll be a great chance for her to get some coaching experience and learn the ropes."

Look for updates throughout the rest of preseason and the regular season right here on your Del Crest Middle School 6th Grade Girls Basketball connection.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We went to the Oklahoma State Fair a few weeks back. It was a great evening to be at the fair - nice weather (though a bit breezy) and not too crowded. Even the line at the cinnamon roll stand was short! We did however have a hard time finding a decent parking spot.

I was on the lookout for mullets, kids on leashes and sleeveless demin jackets with eagles on the back. Unfortunately we came up empty handed, except "Disco Frank" here in the background of this fine pic of my brother-in-law (who appears to be deep in thought).

Elizabeth and Noah were on the lookout for anything deep-fried. Jumbo corndog, check. Brick of curly-fries, check. Roasted corn on the cob, check:

Two cinnamon rolls, check. Mini root beer jug, check. Pregnant goats, check. Rat-tails on boys, check. Rat tails on middle aged men..., check. Rat-tails on middle aged women, check. Rickety-looking carney rides, check:

Let me just recommend that the normal person should steer clear of eating an entire jumbo-sized ear of roasted corn by themselves. It is clear that I am not a normal person. R-O-L-A-I-D-S!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Jr. High Drama (4)

More booty talk - more relationship problems - more interesting slang. Plus the introduction of a new character, Sir "Gem"! Remember readers, names have been changed and [brackets] indicate an edit.

Last night when [we] was at the game "Bri" said something to "Julius" about you and he was like he don't like you and [stuff] like that...

Well i know he don't like me like that because he told me dat and we say we are brothers and sisters. I go out with "Chuck" but sooner or later I'm gone to break up with him.

You go out with "Chuck"? he get on my nervous, and "Keifer" been gettin' on my nervous too.

You dumb. I don't know why I'm goin' out with him. [He's a] cry baby - talkin' about Sir "Gem"!

I know, over a [freaking] pen! And "Dillon" got mad at me because I said he got a small [shoe size].

You told me dat when we had to go to the cafeteria for dat pink slip. "AJ" wants me to tell "Sharonda" [that] it's over and he wont quit grabbing my chest and my butt everyday.

Oh. Do he even like "Sharonda"?

No, he said he only liked her for her butt. But he said it's getting flat and mine is getting big.

He dum. "Sharonda" is starting to get dusty.

What do you mean by dat? Dat's mean.

She dont know how to dress. I ain't try to be mean but its true.

You CRAZY! lol smiley face :-)

You dum and do you know why "Keifer" mad at "Natalie"?

Because she gave "Dillon" a fake number he thought it was real and he wanted her number and so he is mad at her. But he said he was over it [even though] he not.

"Keifer" is just weird because yesterday in the lunch line he was like move that chair away from me, talking about their badges and he called her a b****.

Did she get mad - or she let it slide?

IDK [I dont know]

oh. Are you "Serena's" friend?

I guess but she got "Keifer's badge and she know I wear it everyday.

Dat b****! She gone hug "Chuck"! I want to fight her now.


Whew! Hard to keep up with changing those names. Thanks for hanging in there. Comments? Suggestions on fighting tactics for the brawl against "Serena"? Got a way for her to get back "Keifer's" badge? If you need an example of what dusty (not knowing how to dress) looks like:

10 Things I learned this weekend (1)

Ten things I learned at our garage sale last weekend:

1) Keeping tables full of toddler clothes neatly sorted (by size) and folded improves sales. People will stop and look through an organized table and overlook a messy pile.

2) People will pay for a $1.00 DVD with a Jackson, even when there's a Washington in their hand.

3) Always have plenty of change.

4) If something doesn't sell at the previous 3 yard sale's (an old leather HEAVY golf bag), set it out anyway, someone will offer you 2 bucks for it. And when they do, take the money and run!

5) Only sell electronics that work. And price compare them with EBAY, so you know where to begin. Use serial numbers to price an exact match. Then when someone asks "Would you take $$$ instead?" you can say that your exact model of imersion blender is going for $10 on ebay, without shipping - so $5.o0 is a great bargain!

6) Using the word "bargain" is much more effective than "deal", "cheap" or "thrifty". Bargain infers value.

7) People will steal a beer mug night light (with gold-colored flakes that move when the liquid is heated by the light).

8) People won't steal a full box of coaxial cable, even though the copper value in the cable is probably more than the 2.00 price tag for the whole box.

9) People will steal a book about stress-free classroom discipline. Hey, I guess they need to learn about discipline.

10) Give someone who buys ALL of your baby boy infant onsies a discount, and give someone who buys both big boxes of ruled classroom paper a discount when they tell you they're shipping it to a school in a third-world country.

11) Despite getting rid of lots of stuff, the garage still looks jam-packed with junk.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lake Hefner

Friday we went out to eat at Louie's at the Lake. Good food and beautiful weather!

Noah especially liked the lighthouse and the sailboats.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jr. High Drama (3)

In this installment of Jr. High Drama, one student, “Baby Momma” expresses her affection for another in a monologue, some of which is rated R. In reality it’s a difficult read, but to lighten it up a bit, try hearing Barry White say it in your head, with some “slow jams” playing in the background.


Hey baby!

I want to tell you why I like you.

First, you are nice.

Second, you stick up for me.

Third, you are attractive.

Fourth, you ain’t afraid to kiss me in da hallway

[this continues up through the 8th “why I like you” with repeats of the first 4]

Ninth, you say dat you want to **** me. Well, I want to **** you too.

I like you because you stick up for me.

When other people make fun of me for having a small booty,

you say you like my pirtty small booty.

I like dat you call me your baby momma. I guess I will just talk to you soon.

From – you Baby Momma

P.S. I want you to be my baby daddy.


You might be impressed with Baby Momma’s reasons for liking her boo. Bravery, courage, honor… but then there’s #9. It’s tough to remember that this blog series is a commentary on reality.

The fact that she likes him calling her his “baby momma” points to the real need this girl has to feel needed and wanted by a male. It suggests an absence of a male parental figure, which is the case for so many students.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jr. High Drama (2)

In another installment of Jr. High Drama, we learn about "CJ's" wooing attempts prior to the big Back to School Dance.

I'm telling u I don't like "CJ"

Y don't u like him anymore?

He doesnt like me and i just got over him. HE IS CHILDISH!

How is he CHILDISH?

He was screaming and kneeing us remember?

O wat ever - but he is kinda cute, KINDA

Yea but I'm over him, so HA! ughh I told him I don't like him, but hs is cute kinda

OK but if he askes u to the dance wat would u say?

He won't but if he does, probably yea, why?

O just wondering LOL :)

Who should I go with, nobody probably, wut if he ask u?

ask me wat?

2 go 2 the dance with him duh!


The girl with the blue & white is reading the notes

O she's nosie and big

LOL guess wut and DONT TELL!

Tell what?

I dont know if I still like him, but i'm over him.

OK he's a flirt!

A cute one, but I don't care 'bout him.


Who will CJ end up going to the dance with? Will she go back with him? OOOHHHH THE DRAMA!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kate's Big Adventure: an account of the adventure from our perspective

So yesterday Noah and I leave at 5:45 am to do our normal Wednesday routine. Get up too early - drive to Edmond - drop off Noah @ Mi mi's house, then I drive on to Tulsa for seminary. Elizabeth puts Kate out in teh back yard at 7:30 am before she goes to work. Nothing new, been doing this for 4 years.

After school is out, Elizabeth goes straight to a Dr. appt and doesnt go home but instead, meets her mom (Mi mi) to go pick up her brother from the airport. After the successful acquisition of Noah's Uncle Michael, they all head straight to the church because Elizabeth leads a Wednesday eve yoga class.

I call her cell at 5:30 to say I'm on my way home from T-town, and we make plans to play sand volleyball after her Yoga class.

So to update, none of us have been home since 7:30 am.

Well, a storm pops up ruining our hope of sand volleyball game, so we head home just before 8:00 pm.
But when I go to let Kate inside she's nowhere to be found. She's skiddish about storms, so I check her house, behind her house, under the deck etc. Nope. I talk to the neighbors, check their backyards & look around our house for evidence of something. No black dog.

So we pack up in the cars and drive around for an hour trying to find a wet black dog against the wet black night scenery. Unlikely.

Reality starts to settle in a bit. She's lost - run away - stolen - ran over. To knock off any lingering sense of hope, she had just been at the vet on Tuesday and recieved a gauntlet of shots and medicines that in the past have made her a little sicky.

So around 9:30 p.m. we call it a night. Not being able to sleep I go open the side gate, in case she decides to return. That's when I notice the flat tire on the 4 Runner. So after 20 min. of putting on the spare, and cussing out the evening this had turned into, I recheck the backyard for clues as to her escape. It's dark, my flashlight needs charged and the threatening lightning is getting closer. Bed time.

Elizabeth get's up early and calls for her in the backyard this morning. I follow to the kitchen window, and we both hear a familiar jingle jangle sound. Her collar! From where? So a pregnant wife drags a patio chair to the back fence and discovers ol' Kate wagging and bouncing among the junk and trash of our neighbor's back yard. She was clean and dry!

My thoughts:
1) she climbed out the back corner into their yard (I found her excape route this morning)
2) the neighbors let her inside before the rain storm hit, where she must have stayed overnight.
3) they never thought it would be a good idea to call the number ON HER NAMETAG to let us know they had her. Were the ever going to call?

So we drove around the block and I rang the doorbell:

"Hi, um, I think you have my dog in your backyard"

"Your what?"

"My dog Kate. She's a black lab and she is in your backyard. I'm your neighbor to the back and she climbed our fence last night. Can I get her back?"

"We already have a dog. It's in the backyard."

"I know, you have a dachshund. But there is also an 87lb black lab back there, and I'd sure like to get her back."

"Oh, ok. just go back there and take what you want."

"Um, thanks. I'll just get my dog. If you find her again please call the number on her tag, we were up and worried all night."

"Kate has a tag? There's a number on it? Oh, ok."
Something is weird about this story. The neighbor didn't know our dog was back there, but she was dry and clean? The neighbor didn't know she had a tag? She has two, and they jingle together everytime she moves!

So anyway, she's now fed and brushed, and flaked out on the living room rug. After this we're off to take the tire to get plugged. Then I'm going to foil her little escape route with a little hot wire fakery.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The great pumpkin patch

For all his work, Noah only got one lousy pumpkin from our little impromptu and totally accidental pumpkin patch. Good news is that it was big enough to call a success. Bad news is that it had some worms that chewed it all up and made it really gross. So we put it back from whence it came - the compost pile.

The gourds on the other hand have been more fruitful... (post on this coming later.)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jr. High Drama

In a new series called Jr. High Drama, your intrepid blogmaster posts real life notes passed in class and intercepted by the teacher. Names and other important things have been "altered".


Who you going to the Dance wit

I'm goin wit "Leon" he asked me who you goin wit

I dont wanna go wit nobody but meshaikia, Suzie and Nicole is going together

I'm goin wit friends to but "Leon" is gonna be their

Cool "Leon" is in my first hour

He is o yeah I know cuz I saw u the other day, and gurl you is my hommie G lol! And I hope you don't talk about me like alot of people do

No i dont talk abuot you cuz you my hommie but "Kendra" bee callin you a sl_t

That's bull sh*t she said she never said dat and then she called me her hommie and she put it on her life!

She a lier thats why I cant stand her

Do she know you ain't her friend



Editors note: At the dance mentioned above, the teacher whose name is not to be said aloud due to FERPA policy, learned a few new dances. The "Dip", the "Jerk" (a new one, not the old one that goes with the Mashed Potato), and the "Stanky Leg". You read that right, the "Stanky Leg"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Odds & Ends

Finally, some pics from the trip to Van Buren last month...

Then today Noah and I were out for lunch with an old student and saw the Stealth Bomber flying by!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

new school year

Today was the first session of classes for this semester, and i think it's gonna be a good semester. Intro to Theology will be a good one, learning about how the scriptures, history and tradition inform how we think about issues of God and Jesus.

History and Polity of the Christian Church (DOC) will be a fun journey through the events and people who created the denomination i so dearly love and serve.

I've had both these professors before, and really enjoy their perspectives and teaching styles.

I'm enrolled in an online course too, which is a new adventure for me, so we'll see how it goes!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Haiku:

Back to work today!
Getting things done really fast,
ready to go home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Name Contest Results

So for all who participated in the 2009 Beck Family Baby Name-Off, here are the results:
OK, actually here are the choices that were offered:


And here is a sample of the email responses that I got back:

From Jessie & Jason -
2)Hudson - As in Rock or Kate? 'Cause I would go with Hudson if it were Kate but not Rock [ed. note : plus 2 points for Rock Hudson reference].
Masculitis - this sounds like a disorder, not a name
Rainer - Is not so bad but is inching towar Hippyville. If you have Rainer, you will also need Willow, Wind and Sunshine for siblings.
4)Testicules - this would definitely represent our Greek heritage best. [ed. note: I don't know where Testicules came from, but it made me giggle and wish I had thought of it]

From Adrian - [who used the top-down numerating system to define her top, or was it bottom, choice.]
4. Rainer
3. Elliot
2. Hudson
1. Asher
But I would like to add another name...Henery Reid
[Henery Reid? Is that pronounced "En-ehr-ry", as in "Enehrry the eighth I yam, I yam"]

Finally, from Nanci -

"So you are not looking at a name from the Bible? I am not sure of any of these...Elliot is OK but reminds me of Ellis
. Hudson is OK but a little preppy. Maxwell is cute if you shorten it to Max, but max beck is a little short. Asher is like usher but I do like it. But my favorite is Steveanci.
But I don't think you need to focus on a boy name, unless you KNOW it is a boy. IF it is... congratulations! You both have done a beautiful job with your first boy. Now if you are pulling my leg and it is a girl, congratulations! And send me a better list...oh is Maggie Marie."

And the winner is: Maggie Marie! Yes, it's going to be a girl, and her due date is Dec. 13th.
Savings Bonds, T-Bills and Babies-R-Us Gift Cards can be sent c/o Noah & Kate Beck 116 Gill, MWC 73110.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

As promised, here are some pics of the green things growing in our backyard:

Gourds (take 2) - We tried it last year but the hot afternoon July sun fried them. This new location provides morning sun and afternoon shade. Maybe we'll get a few gourds.

Volunteer Pumpkins:
I was moving some compost from the bin onto an old stump to speed up decomposition of the stump, and lo & behold a week later, up pop some little plants! We think they are pumpkins, but dont really know. We did put our old pumpkins in the compost last year, so it would make sense! We'll see in a few months.

Some just for fun, but the jumbo ones are for birds and hiding our neighbors ugly backyard.

Well, the heat wave may be lifted for the time, the highs next week are in the lower 90's, woo hoo!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

keepin' it green in 100+ heat

Surprisingly, we've been able to keep a few things alive during the heat wave, and even coax a few things to grow! (Pics of pumpkin plants, sunflowers and gourd plants coming soon...)

It's been over 100 for a few days, and supposed to be all this week too. So we're keepin' it chill by not staying home and instead using the AC at other places like work and the in-laws.

Here's a pic from the family reunion weekend for you to offer your own caption...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Old Testament & The Old Family

This week I've been in Tulsa participating in a concentrated course for my MDiv. program. So far it has been a whirlwind of ancient cultures, figures and stories; some that date to before 2000 BCE. It's wild to think about stories that circulated over 4000 years ago still inform the faiths of the majority of the world's population. My appreciation for the Hebrew scriptures is growing.

But other than that, things have been pretty calm. We got home from a great weekend of Beck family reunion action in Bixby (pix to come) on Sunday night, and I left to come to Tulsa early Monday morning. The reunion was nice. I felt like I was meeting some people for the first time becuase it was literally 20 years since I had seen some of them.

I got to play some fun pranks on some folks, including Aunt Sally - which is always a good time. Especially when she blames it on her kids! I was able to involve the hotel staff on it too.

The other prank is like Fight Club, you don't talk about it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mission Trippin' part two

On Saturday at the Oklahoma City Rescue Mission, we cleaned up trash and debris from under I-40, near downtown. I'll get back to that in a minute. First, Oklahoma City Rescue Mission sounds like an animal shelter, but actually it is a homeless shelter and addiction rehabilitation center. They're completely privately funded so they can introduce spiritual and religious themes in their mission and counseling work.
A good friend of mine worked there as an addictions counselor and hooked me up with some volunteer work chatting with men enrolled in the rehab program about the intersections of faith, life and personal decision-making.

Back to the Mission Trip. When myself, another adult and 4 students were under I-40 picking up trash, a gentleman yelled to us to come over to where he was. So 2 of the students and myself went over to talk to him. He was nice and polite enough, and introduced himself as Leonard. Then he said "are you scared of me?" and the 2 students that were with me left to join the rest of the group further back. I told him that I was not afraid of him, but that his question probably lead the students to think that he was going to harm us. He reassured me that he would not hurt me.

All he really wanted was one of our cool hot pink mission trip t-shirts, which I told him that we didn't have any more. So he said that if he found the leader of our group that "he" (the leader), would give him (Leonard) one. I told him that I was the leader, that I designed and ordered the shirts, and that I was certain that we had none left over.

So we got into a little theological discussion about who the real leader of our group was - myself or God - and I finally said, "you've got a good point, but it still remains that I don't have a shirt for you, and good luck getting one from God." Then he waved his hands in the air and called me Pontius Pilate and walked away.

Eh, I've been called worse.

Friday, June 12, 2009

to-do list

This happened to my computer the other day:

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Noah are off to KS for the weekend to see Elizabeth's grandparents in Tonganoxie (Tawn-guh-knox-ee). In their absence, I have a few things to do:

1) Write 2 papers over the history and culture of the new testament

2) Hang new trim around the garage door

3) mowing and other necessary yard work

4) watch the movies I don't get to; like Lord of the Rings, Bull Durham and Blazing Saddles.

Other suggestions on how I might fill my time?

Friday, June 5, 2009

mission trippin' Part I

Today was the first day of our local mission trip. Last summer we broke the piggy bank on our trip to KY, so we're stayin' close to home this year, which is good because there's always mission-y things to be done locally. Here are some highlights:

Noah came with me today when we went to the church camp to paint the benches. He had fun but fell and skinned his knee a little. We walked around the camp and went to the Rock Grotto, a favorite place for campers to sneak out to meet up with their love interests. I bet 90% of those kids go home with poison ivy in strange places.

We also had a "drinking from the water spicket" game - which really was just a ruse for me to get a mouthful of water and then spew it out at my youth like a classic spit-take. It was glorious. Unfortunately the video below cuts off right before the good part. Oh, tilt your head 90 degrees to the left.

After lunch we planted some ground cover plants along a sidewalk and then headed back to the church for rest and dinner. It was nice to be out at the camp again, and nice to see my friend Susan, who is battling lung cancer.

There was a Make Promises Happen camp in full swing, and one of my old youth group kiddos was there as a counselor. She's been really active in that program, and it always reminds me of when Adrian talked me into volunteering for a weekend event.

While I have the patience and skills to handle 100 Jr. High students as a camp director, I was humbled by the challenges I faced as a counselor for a child with a disability. This all to say that I hold in utmost respect those who work with the disabled, and the amazing work they do to provide a life of dignity and meaning to so many who all too often are neglected or ignored in our society.

Cheers to MPH staff, directors and volunteers!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I dont have anything interesting to write about - nothing like bears attacking my campsite - but our clothes washer drain is backing up every time we do a load, so the wet/dry shop-vac is getting a workout. Oh and the modem pooped out, so i'm currently hijacking the neighbors internet. Shhh. dont tell him, he just moved in.

It's 2 days before mission trip and i cant sleep - too much rolling through my head i guess.

On the first day (thursday) we're going to the church camp where i grew up and had my first real job. I was the morning dishwasher. So when all my friends were enjoying summer camp, i was washing their breakfast dishes.

The next day we're going to the OKC animal welfare center to wash, groom and walk dogs for an adoption event. should be pretty cool, though we have a few students with pet dander allergies.

Saturday we're spending the day at City Rescue Mission where we'll serve lunch and help with some cleaning and landscaping at the center.

Sunday is a semi day of rest, just some little work around the church and at some church members homes.

Monday we're working with Mobile Meals, preparing and delivering meals to shut-ins. We're also painting some class rooms at Del Crest middle school.

Finally Tuesday we're working at two different local outreach and assistance agencies, stocking shelves, sorting clothes and observing the "intake" process.

As far as family stuff goes, we'll find out if the baby is a girl or a boy in mid-july. My guess is that it will be one of those two. Noah has taken to calling me "daddy-o", saying "excuse me, Kate" when she's blocking his way, and wearing glow-in-the-dark spiderman underwear instead of pull-ups. WOO WOO~!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i love it when a quick call to mom turns into an internet lesson.

Monday, May 18, 2009

MOMMY BLOG or Monday Morning Sermon

*** WARNING! ***


Noah decided to sleep in today. He's usually up at 6am but it's 9 am and he's still sawing logs. It is SOOOOO CUTE! ;)

Even Kate the dog is sleeping in. She's sleeping right at the edge of the bed where he is, kinda protecting him and making sure he's safe. It is SOOOOOOO CUTE! ;)

ugh. enough of the mommy-blog.

Yesterday we had Sr. Breakfast and Recognition at church. It was a really nice day and a great time to be proud of our grads.

Then this morning I found out that someone is in the hospital, and so I'll be off to deal with that later.

From joy to suffering, such is the nature and reality of life. We deal with it in the context of our faith, remembering the presence and love of God found in the caring and nurturing relationships with family and friends.

A theme from scripture that has been with me as of late: "there is a time and a purpose for everything" (translation and emphasis mine). Not that I'm into predestination, but I do think that when something occurs, it is there in that time that purpose can be defined, whether it is positive or negative, we make what we can out of each situation in life as we are informed by the scriptures, our faith and our understanding of God's role in the world.

(sigh...) Well, here's to half priced Sonic drinks and warm sunny days!

Friday, May 15, 2009

We need guttering...

We're due for another round of severe weather as I type this. Which means that the backyard will once again be a swamp for 3 days.

Here's some hail from 2 minutes ago:

Earlier today the weather was really sunny with a nice solid breeze, so it was good for the yard to dry out a little, but since we're forecast to get up to 3 inches of rain tonight, well there goes that.

Tomorrow we're golfing in the church golf scramble with some friends. It'll be soggy to say the least, and we're guaranteed to lose some balls. I'm no serious golfer, I just like to drive the carts. Elizabeth just likes to dress up in plaid pants. Well, I do that too.

On the bright side I put together a rocking chair for Noah to sit in when we're outside.

Oh, and I found a dead mouse in a bucket of bird feed today. Did it:
a) eat too much
b) suffocate
c) get rubbed out my the mouse mafia
d) ________

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Summer Plans

School is almost out for the district. I'm done with classes this semester, but gearing up for a summer course.

Usually we take a nice vacation somewhere to see family or at least have a long trip with the youth at our church. But not this summer!

We're instead going <2 hrs up the turnpike for the big family reunion, and staying local with the summer mission trip at church.

So what does all this mean?

It means that the deck and patio have been cleaned off, washed and swept.
It means the grill has been uncovered.
It means that Elizabeth is taking loads of seminars for her teaching job this summer (and getting paid for it).
And it means that we'll be home a lot! So come by and visit or at least bring some burgers for the grill.

Catch up

For once in my life I feel less nerdy than my sisters because they started blogs before I did:

So instead of letting them bask in their complete and utter dorkdom, I figure I'd make a feeble attempt to join the ranks of folks posting stuff online that most people don't really need to know. We'll see how long it lasts.

Here are some cell pix from a big huge fire that was 1/2 mile from our church. It took out 70+ homes in MWC and Choctaw.

Then one day I was driving home from Tulsa and saw that I was getting an average of 30.0 MPG! SWEET!

Not bad for a 9 year old car!